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Sports Ticker

Tickercom presentsour brand new Sports Ticker.  An indoor LED sign featuring all the major sports team logos.

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News Release

Tickercom Selected for Vancouver 2010 Olympics
Molson Canadian Hockey House, a 65,000 square foot hub for fans to gather, is located right across the street from the Olympic arena and Tickercom is there...
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  Tickercom Sports Tickers selected for vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics  


Need Financing?  Want to lease an LED sign?
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Ticker Communications, Inc provides indoor and outdoor LED electronic displays suitable for home, commercial or industrial use.  LED signs are known by many names: Tickers, electronic display boards, message boards or moving message signs.  Tickercom carries them all.

Not only do we offer the signs, but we also provide the content that fills your ticker and draws eyes to your advertising display. Sports, news, financial, stocks, entertainment and your own custom messages are all possibilities with Tickercom.
Our experienced and knowledgeable staff would be happy to work with you to determine the best LED display and delivery method for your application. 

We de-mystify the LED buying process.

Feel free to call us at 1.888.884.2537 or email us at ron@tickercom.com

We look forward to finding your LED solution!